Central Florida Faith Alliance

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You Can Help!!!!
Lets Get our Hands Dirty

The Faith alliance meet on a monthly basis. All are welcome. 

Make sure you Sign up  at the "contact us" page for e-mail notifications and updates of  what/where/when. There are many opportunities to get your hands dirty. Anything from participating in or hosting an awareness meeting to private prayer in your own home. You can provide and pack hygiene bags and back packs for victims or actually hand out Christmas boxes to the victims kids. Praying at one of our meetings or praying with a victim on the street. You can volunteer at a safehouse or Help to build a home. We all should be constantly learning the signs of spotting a victim and not be afraid to  call it in knowing a young boy or girl are now safe.  

We are always open to suggestions for other opportunities to serve.

 If you have comments, or ideas please feel free to enter them on the "contact us" page

The Faith Community........We have the numbers to make an army.        Let's march together.